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Attempt to make Tamil People to be without any refuge, accuses the CM, C.V.Wigneswaran

Several activities are undertaken in recent times to make the Tamils a people without refuge, said the CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

The CM was taking part in an event under the title of “The Land and us” , organized by the Mattam  Financial Organizers, held at the Jaffna Public Library yesterday.

The identity of a nation is the land it lives itself. If a nation is alienated from the land it is living on, that nation will be orphaned. Several  activities being undertaken in recent times, to make our traditional society to remain without any refuge.

The weapons were silenced in 2009  but, the invaders had not returned after the end of the war. They have disseised a major portion of our traditional lands and living off them. The people who should have lived in them with all their rights are living a refugee life. I never see these acquisitions as destiny’s work. I see them as the lowest level activities mooted by hidden agendas hatched during time after time.

The state sponsored colonization had started even before the gaining the Independence, which had as their objectives the changing of ethnic distribution. The Sinhala population in Trincomalee district rose from 3.8 to 33.6% between 1911 to 1981.Tamil population fell from 56.8 to 33.7%In Amparai Sinhala population rose from 7 to 38% while Tamil population fell from 37 to 20%. These are statistics prior to 1983.Changes of this type have commenced to happen in the Southern parts of Northern Province. Those who condemn our Genocide Resolution should think of these things.

The Sinhala leaders just forget that Tamils had lived as the majority in North and East. ” The Heiro Principles” of the UN on displaced people shows how important is the resettlement of displaced people. It seems to me that this meeting today is to insist on the Heiro Principles. Let us say from here that the International Law does not leave space for making a race to displace, alienated them in their own land and condemn them to lead refugee life for years. We will shout loud from here that the Governments and their Army had been expropriating Tamil people’s unique right and destroying their lives. With contention that this meeting being held in a way to make the government and their forces aware they done something wrong so far but I pray that spring shall bloom in our people’s life, he said.