Tamil Diplomat

Attention drawing by Muslim people in Kattankudy, Batticaloa, demanding the release of Lands in Valikamam, Kepapulavu

Muslim People in Kattankudi held an attention drawing demonstration yesterday after Jummah worship on Friday, yesterday, demanding release of lands in Mullaitheevu/Kepapulavu and Jaffna/Valikamam.

The demonstration was led by Progressive council for Nation Unity and Kattankudy Political Arena. The demonstrators held placards bearing slogans including the following:

“Let’s start from where  got separated”

“United we live”

“We want our land in this Good Governance Government”

“Government! Let us live on our own ancestral lands”

“Good Governance Government! answer the demands of the people of the three races”

“Release the lands of people of Kepapulavu without any comditions”

“When will the people resettled?”