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Attractive Kite Flying Competition in Valveddithurai

An attracting Kite Flying competition was organised by Wickneswara Community Centre, Valveddithurai, to celebrate Thai Pongal Day, on Thursday , on a festive note.

This event was held at 2.30 p.m. under the leadership of C.Thavarasa, on the Uthayasooriyan  Enjoyment Beach and the competition was inaugurated by the Chief guest, Northern Minister of Education, Thambirajah Kurukularajah. Around 53 competitors  took part in this competition.

A ‘Taj Mahal’ shaped kite won the first place, while a ‘Tractor’ shaped kite was the first runner up and a ‘Chinese Dragon’  shaped kite won the third place.

16 others were awarded consolation prizes. A host of people including the member of the Northern Provincial Council, M.K.Sivagilingam, the OIC of the Valveddithurai Police Station, T.S.Meedin, and the Grama Seva Niladhari of Valveddithurai, C.Thavaneswaran, participated in this event.

On the same day evening, at around 6.30 p.m., A massive Pillaiyar Statue, placed on the beach in the month of December and worshiped by the people, was removed from its pedestal, taken  into the sea, dissolved in the sea, and further worship held at the site.

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