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Authorities should take action to protect the Portuguese period Horses in Delft, say area people

The people of Delft expressed their concern that People in charge of the protection of the Horse in Delft, Jaffna are disinterested in their task. They have requested that, the relevant officials and the people’s representatives must show interest in this matter.

Without proper care several horses have lost their life during drought periods, they said. These horses have found to the descendants of Horses brought here by the Portuguese.

Government officials making all the efforts make Delft a Tourist hub, but, they never show any interest on the welfare of these horses which has become great tourist attractions. People also accused that these horses are being smuggled out by sea routes.

A committee was appointed by the CM to look into the welfare of these Horses. That committee should get activated they said.

With water holes and grass dried up, disaster is looming over the horses with the prolonging drought here they said.