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Bangalore City Corporation Election: 7 wards contested AIADMK failed! 6 deposited in Saved

Bangalore City Corporation elections, the AIADMK contested in 7 wards. 6 wards in which the party lost one seat in deposits only with saving deposits, 3rd place, came acattiyullatu. A total of 197 wards in the 198 wards of Bangalore district voting was held last Saturday. The vote count took place today. The BJP won 100 wards secured party in the corporation.

Congress in 76 wards, wards cuyeccaikalum won 8. Meanwhile, on behalf of the AIADMK, Tamil majority in the party general secretary declared candidates in the 7 wards, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa. Accordingly, the 96 th Ward okkalipuram candidate picuppiramani, 120 Ward kattanpettai candidate kecuntaramurtti, 95th Ward, Subhash Nagar candidate kekumar, 80th Ward hoycala city candidate kecimcan Shanmugam, 48th Ward munisvara city candidate Tulsi Anbarasan, 60th Ward cakayapuram candidate J. cakayaraj, competed in the 170 ward timurukes jeyanakar candidate.