Friday 30 October 2020
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Barbarous act of Mahindha faction – Bloodshed in parliament for the second day

Barbarous act of Mahindha faction – Bloodshed in parliament for the second day

The Mahindha faction which captured the Speaker’s Chair had barbarously attacked the Speaker who came in with police security, and the members of the opposition. Few members were injured and thereby blood was shed for the second time in the parliament chamber. The attack was made by throwing several articles on the speaker and opposition members and chili water was also thrown on them. Several members were affected by this. Even woman police officers could not escape the attack.

Earlier ruling party ruffian – MPs led by MP, Pavithra Vanniarachchi alleged to be ‘very close’ to Mahindha, captured the Speakers area and started demolishing everything in it.

When the Speaker made his entry with a cordon of human chain of police officers, he and the police officers were attacked with whatever that came to hand of the Mahindha faction. Big law books and constitution books became missiles in their hand. One book landed near Sampanthan , which sort of rattled him. Senior leaders of the opposition were targeted for the attack with books. JVP MP Wijitha Herath was injured by a book thrown at him and blood started flowing from his temple.

Mahindha and Ranil who were seated in the front rows, just watched the happenings with amusement.

The officers from various Foreign Missions were both shocked and amused by the happenings.

However the No-confidence motion against the Mahindha Government was passed for the third time yesterday, although the President and Mahindha faction had rejected it.

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