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“Be united, 2016 a crucial year” :Sampanthan’s clarion call

Tamil National Alliance Leader R.Sampanthan has made a clarion call to the Tamil people to stand united forgetting petty quarrels as 2016 is going to dawn as a crucial year for there is political climate conducive to resolve the ethnic issue which will benefit not only the minorities but the entire country. Such stability and peace are essential for a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka.

He was delivering the keynote address at the Navalar Conference to mark the 60 th anniversary of the All Ceylon Hindu Congress held at the Vipulananda Hall In the Fine Arts College in Batticaloa. ACHC President Kandiah Neelakanda presided.

Sampanthan stated that the political climate that has emerged following the Jan 8 Presidential election and the Parliamentary election thereafter are promising signs. There is commitment in the island for the resolution of the Tamil issue. There is healthy pressure internationally for the resolution of the ethnic issue.

He went on that the Tamil people were the worst affected ones during the past. They need reassurance. Their problems ought to be resolved without any further delay. Not only that, we need to ensure that there is no recurrence of such incidents in the future. We therefore need to establish an appropriate apparatus through dialogue, appropriate measures etc. We need to act diplomatically to accomplish.

He stressed that in such a context we ought not to act in any manner that can cause dissension and weaken the unity of the people. Swamy Vipulananda from the east and Arumuga Navalar from the north had fought hard to preserve our identity in exemplary manner. We must follow their foot-steps to be united and raise the lives of our people.

He added that Arumuga Navalar engaged all his energies in deterring people being converted to anther religion sequel to ignorance and poverty. He devised means to prevent such tragedy. Similarly Swamy Vipulanda served to provide education to the people by establishing schools.