Friday 22 November 2019
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Some bent on expelling me from TNA: Let people decide as to my services are needed or not- CM

Some bent on expelling me from TNA: Let people decide as to my services are needed or not- CM

Some in the party are bent on expelling me from the party. Let people decide whether my services are needed or not, said the NPC CM, Justice C.V.Wigneswaran.

A collection of speeches made by the NPC, CM, Justice C.V.Wigneswaran , “Neethiyarasar Pesukirar” ( Justice speaking) was released yesterday at Weerasingam Hall, Jaffna.

Speaking in the event,  the CM had said as above. He said this in front of number of  TNA MPs, including Mawai  Senathyrajah and M.A.Sumanthiran. Another notable presence is that of MP, Doughlas Devananda, the Secretary General, EPDP.

Speaking further he said, that Era Sampanthan brought me to this Chief Ministers post and I have acted in loyalty to him and the party.

Some criticize my spiritual background as not a suitable to Politics. But I see politics without spirituality as  mere business.

The Tamil people wish that all Tamil parties should be united. But that unity should be based on policy.

Basically there isn’t much difference among the Election Manifestos of our parties. Then, why are we forming alliance with people with deviated policies. We are bent on seeing that no one in our nation should secure positions higher than ourselves. We are unable rein our egotism and embrace the neighbours.

We all look at our lives through several things like our education, culture, environment, physical status and our experiences. Hence it is very difficult embrace all of them and travel forward. Unity is an essential commodity at this conjuncture. We should be integrated in our political activities. We should include  esteemed policies and work on the basis of those policies shedding all our selfishness, he said.

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