Tamil Diplomat

Bishop’s health condition improved

The Bishop of Mannar, Rt.Rev. Rayappu Joseph, had turned for better health, hospital sources were quoted as saying. The Bishop fainted on way to Colombo to receive an award and to attend a meeting with Secretary Kerry which was also arranged for him.

He is now able to move his hands and legs and talk. But the doctors requested he be not disturbed by visitors. Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe on hearing the news had contacted the hospital and ordered to give speedy treatment to the Bishop. It was also reported that the TNA leaders including the CM visited the Prelate in hospital.

The Vicar General of Mannar district Rev.Fr. Antony Victor Sosai had appealed to the people avoid visiting the Bishop in hospital and pray for him instead. TNA Mps, Selvam Adaikalanathan and Vino Nokarathalingam also appealed that we all pray for the Bishop’s health.

The Bishop, who always raised his voice for the Tamils, suddenly falling sick had made Tamil people living all over the world concerned about his recovery.