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Black flag campaign by students of University of Jaffna demanding just investigation for killed students

The University of Jaffna undergraduates staged a black flag campaign demanding for a just investigation on the killing of their two comrades and in view of the visit of the President to Jaffna yesterday, from 7.00 a.m. by closing the gates of the campus and paralyzing all activities at the University. However following the meeting with the Minister of Resettlements Swaminathan, the students gave up the struggle.

Two students Wijayakumar Sulaksan (Kantharodai) and Nadarajah Kajan(Iranai madu) were killed in Police shooting at Kokkuvil area. The University students had undertaken several struggle earlier paralyzing the District Secretariat and the Governor’s Secretariat.

When the VC indicated to the students that a meeting had been schedule to be held in side and allow them to go in. This request was acceded by the students, and the VC and the Deans were allowed in as well as Minister D.M. Swaminathan who came few minutes later.

After meeting was concluded behind closed doors without allowing the media to cover it.

After end of the meeting the minister met the students and on his assurance the students dispersed peacefully, giving up the struggle.