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Boat capsized in rough seas one dead one missing one swims ashore in Point Pedro

A boat which went with three fishermen to sea for Munai area in Point Pedro, had capsized in mid sea due to very rough seas. Anthonypillai Genybert(28) of Beach Road,  Point Pedro was found floating later but succumbed while being taken to the shore in a recovery boat, the fishermen said. S.George (42) from Thumpalai had gone missing and search is on for him by the co-fishermen and the police. A third member of the crew, Mariampillai Antony Jesuthas of Munai area had swum ashore safely. He said that all of a sudden the sea became very rough and a big wave hit their boat capsizing it.

Police had taken over the body of Genybert and kept it in the mortuary of Point Pedro hospital  and continuing inquiries. They also said that search is being done with the assistance of the Navy.