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Bodies found washed ashore could belong to Chennai flood victims: Navy

The unidentified bodies that were found washed ashore in Neelaveli near Trincomalee probably belong to Chennai flood victims, the Navy Spokesman has said.

Asked if it was possible for bodies of Chennai flood victims to be washed thus far, the Spokesman has said that they could be, depending on the sea currents, the New India Express reported.

Spokesman Capt.Akram Alavi has said that no body had been recovered though two naval boats had gone into sea at 6 pm after the Trincomalee harbor police told the naval station that six bodies were seen floating 20 nautical miles from the shore.

“The naval boats have not reported back till now,” Capt. Alavi said.

A search operation was commenced owing to reports of several bodies which were floating in the seas off Trincomalee on Sunday evening. The search operation was launched following a tipoff received by the Trincomalee harbor police.