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Bombay Onion harvest in Kokkilai East village: Practical demonstration to Farmers

A field festival was held in the village of Kokkilai East, to promote Bombay Onion cultivation using true seeds and cultivating Bombay Onions in non-traditional areas. With the help of the specific allocation for Development fund 52 beneficiaries were given Vethala Onion seed at 50% subsidy and 10 beneficiaries were given Bombay Onion seeds.

This festival was arranged consequence to the success reaped in cultivation of Bombay Onion in various places and the harvest of onions were also done on the day.

In order to extend the Vethala Onion , Farmers were brought from the villages of Alampil, Puthukkudiyiruppu, and Kokkuthoduwai and they were given practical training  and explanation regarding projects.

The, Provincial Deputy Director Agriculture , of Mullaitheevu District, Agricultural Instructors, Agrarian Development Officer and several farmers participated in this festival.