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Bramhi letters found in Mahiladitheevu , Batticaloa

Articles 2000 years old with Bramhi letters and the titles of Nagas like “Vezhnagan’, ‘Naga Magan Kannan’ were found in the Kannakai Amman Temple, Mahiladytheevu, Batticaloa.

Stone Grinder(Ammi) with stone Roller for it (Kulavi) and pottery shreds were found here. This is the first time that the grinder and roller are found together.

it could be assumed from these evidencestha,t there were some Naga Fiefdoms in Kokkadicholai like the ‘Vannimai’s or  Kokkaddichcholai was under one of Naga fiefdoms, said Proff. C.Pathmanatha of Peradeniya University History Department.

The front entrance of the portico of temple was found to contain stones brought from Thanthamalai.