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Breach of decision by CC Meeting on Deforestation and gravel excavation increase

Mulaitheevu Thunnukkai area people and Public Organizations have complained despite the Coordination Committee decision, de-forestation and gravel excavation have increased in their area.

For the last 8 years , forest in extent of 2,000 acre has been destroyed and gravel excavation is carried out on a greater scale, in the Puthuvedduvan area under the Mulaitheevu, Thunukkai Divisional Secretary area, they say. They also say that it is not seem that no Officer take any action about it.

Gravel is continuously excavated and taken to outside and due to this is complete roads are being damaged while forests are being completely destroyed. The road from Kokkavil Junction on A9 up to Aiyankankulam was repaired at a cost of several Millions have been completely damaged by the illegal gravel excavation travelling on this road is hindered.