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We breached court order to prevent racial conflict, Mulaitheevu Police declares before HRC

Mulaitheevu police has said in the Human Rights Commission Inquiry that, they did not take court order in to consideration so as to prevent racial conflict.

A complaint was made with the Human Rights Commission, Vavuniya, regarding the cremation of Buddhist Monk in the premises of Palaya Chemmalai Pilaiyar Temple and outrage of Police in assaulting the AALs and public, on 25th of last month. This complaint was made by the administrators of the Temple and the Tamil Legacies Council.

The inquiry on the complaint was conducted at the Vavuniya Regional Office of the Human Rights Commission, where the police had said so.

While making his submissions, the AAL , N. Anis , who appeared for the Temple Administration said that we have stated that the court’s order had been violated and the police had accepted it. However they have stated that they concentrated on preventing racial conflict than obeying the court’s order.

Further the police had said that a case had been filed against those who have breached court’s order and action is being taken to identify the Bhikkus who were present during the incident.