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Brigadier Anura Deshapriya, who ordered shooting of demonstrators sieged at Kattunayake

Brigadier   Anura Deshapriya Goonewardena, a controversial officer who ordered shooting of demonstrators, who were affected by the effluents from a factory of Mahindha’s friend, Dammikka Perera and demanding drinking water at Weliweria. Mahindha ordered army men to the spot to save the factory of his friend.
Three persons including school students were killed in the shooting and more than 40 others injured.
Later, he was posted as the Military adviser to the Embassy in Turkey. His services were terminated and re called to the country by the current regime. Learning about his return, Weliweriya people had sieged the air port, but he had escaped through a back door, it is understood.
Incidentally, it is known that he served as a Brigade Commander of a Brigade  of 58 Division, under still another controversial figure, Major General Savendra Silva  during the final war in Mulliwaikkal..
It is also notable Dammika Perera was the person controlling the intended Industrial Development Zone to be carved out of the residential lands of Sampur people.