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British MPs insisted with – No grace period be granted to Sri Lanka

The Transnational Tamil Eelam Government has been meeting and  insisting  with the a group of British Parliamentarians that the Sri Lankan Government should not be granted more time to implement the resolution adopted in the UNHRC  with regard to Sri Lanka.

The members of the political advocacy group of The Transnational Tamil Eelam Government, who are meeting British Parliamentarians  of several areas in Britain, regarding this during the past few weeks are insisting with them that the Sri Lankan Government has no intention of implementing the resolution of the UNHRC and particularly, that the Sri Lanka Government will undertake an Internal Investigation Mechanism devoid of foreign judges in contravention to the terms of the UNHRC resolution and the Tamil people cannot accept this, said one of the members of the said group,  Shobana Jeevaratnam.

She also said that, they are also insisting that the British Government should take action to undertake a proper international war crimes investigations inclusive of Foreign Judges as indicated in the resolution and the MPs should exert pressure in this regard in the Parliament.