Friday 30 October 2020
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British Tamils Cricket League inaugurated its ‘BTCL 100 Club’ at Oval Grounds

British Tamils Cricket League inaugurated its  ‘BTCL 100 Club’ at Oval Grounds

The British Tamils Cricket League (BTCL) held its official inauguration of  ‘BTCL 100 Club’ recently at the prestigious Kia Oval Cricket Grounds, London.

The event was well attended by cricket stakeholders including English Cricketers Christopher Timothy and Jason Roy, Chairmen Surrey Cricket Board Simon Dyson, Past Chairmen of Decca Cricket Club and member of Old Casletonian Decca Cricket Club Holly Sinckler, National Volunteer Participating Manger – England Cricket Board Jane Hannah, Chairmen Club Cricket Conference Langley, Cricket Development Office – Kent County Cricket Board Adam Hodder, Head of Cricket Operations – Essex County Cricket Board Dan Feist  and Chief Executive Surrey Cricket Board Richard Gould.

In his welcome address,President of British Tamils Cricket League Jeyaraj Kulasekaram emphasised the importance of engaging with youth through Cricket and developing the BTCL platform for youth enrichment and community engagement.

“ After our reorganisation in 2010, we have grown rapidly as a league and now have over one thousand players engaging in playing regular cricket matches making us one of the largest community cricket leagues in the UK” said Jeyaraj.

“Although we are known as the British Tamil Cricket League, we want to take this a stage further and integrate with as many other mainstream communities around the country as possible, widening our reach and recognition. We strongly believe in the participation of and engagement with other cricket bodies and communities, working towards making the BTCL the most diverse community league in the country.” He further said.

‘BTCL 100 Club’ is an initiation of BTCL to promote cricket among community in the UK and elsewhere.  It aims to 1. Promote Junior cricket in community. (Please note we have entered U19 T20 Natwest tournament in 2015 through Essex County and this will be expanded to other counties in coming years). 2. Create community awareness through media – Junior cricket & cricket official training program through various counties etc. 3. Promoting BTCL charitable activities – Integration with Caribbean community cricket to raise funds for charities, donations of sport equipment to war affected children etc.

Those who like to become member of BTCL, can apply for membership by submitting the application form along with subscription fee of £200. For more information:

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