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British Tamils mark 8th Anniversary of Mullivaikkal Genocide     

In commemorative events across the UK, the British Tamil people gathered in large numbers today to remember and reflect their kith and kin who were massacred in a genocide by the Sri Lankan state and to demand for justice from the International Community.

Hundreds of British Tamils gathered in front of Downing street around 2pm today to commemorate the 8th anniversary of  the Mullivaikkal genocide. They carried banners and placards demanding justice for the Mullivaikkal genocide victims. They also chanted slogans against the ongoing brutality against the Tamil people in Homeland.

Organised by the Tamil Coordinating Committee (TCC), the event commenced with hosting of Tamil Eelam Flag. The event was addressed by a wide range of speakers.

Hundreds of people also participated in a separate commemorative event organised by the British Tamil Forum (BTF) around 5pm at London Hyde Park, despite heavy rain.

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