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Brutality beyond the gun wounds

Speaking about the encounter, one of the team members, Satyabrata Pal, former member of National Human Rights Commission, told reporters in Vellore that he had not come across such brutality in his five years as NHRC member. He termed the manner in which they were killed as “cold blooded, premeditated brutality”.  “Evidence shows that the AP police is lying through its teeth. The 20 men were murdered in cold blood. They were tortured, their bodies burned and mutilated like how the ISIS is doing in the Middle East,” he said.

The team members said the 20 victims were ordinary labourers from the State. They were “abducted” by AP police and killed. Xavier Suresh, professor of Forensic Medicine, said the Medical Superintendent of Tirupati GH refused to divulge details of the post-mortem report. “But he said nine members of the STF who were admitted and treated in the hospital had simple injuries caused by stones and sticks,” he said. Alleging that the 20 persons were killed on the night of April 6 or early morning of April 7, he said the bodies were left under the sun.

Advocate Ajitha, another member said photographs of the deceased showed that the hands, legs and face of at least four were skinless. As to words of other sources, it was not just gun wounds that the 20 Tamil Nadu men, who were shot down by the AP police. They endured much more, bodies had no hands, toes missing, teeth broken, eyes gouged out and nose chopped (The Hindu).