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Buddhist Hard-liners hold a Demonstration against Northern CM in Vavuniya

A protest rally against the Northern CM was held in Vavuniya, yesterday, by  Buddhist Hard-liners, saying that he had instigated racism.

Hundreds of Sinhala people from Bogaswewa, a  border village of Vavuniya accompanied Buddhist monks from Bothu Bala Sena , Ravana Balaya and Singa Le.

Slogans were shouted and placards were carried in this demonstration condemning the CM, for presiding over Ezhuka Thamizh and for the address he delivered in it. The demonstrators demanded that the CM who presided over should be arrested along with the organizers and participants.

The demonstration starting at Horrowapothana Road in Vavuniya and proceeded towards the District Secretariat, Vavuniya with heavy police guard, and concluded with handing over of memorandums to President, P rime Minister and the Secretary to the Defence Ministry.

When activities are undertakento create reconciliation, Wigneswaran had instigated racism by expressing opinions against settlement of Sinhala people in North construction of Buddhist Temples in the North and erecting Buddha statues in the North, said Ven. Gnnasara Thero , speking in the Rally.

He also said if Wigneswaran continue to express opinions against Sinhala people, he will face dire consequences. He also demanded that the government should take action against Wigneswaran who had spoken against Buddhism.

One of the placards carried in the rally said among others:

“This is Sri Lanka, not Thamizhnadu”

“Wigneswaran, think of your two daughters who had married Sinhalese”

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