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Buddhist Monks refuse to remove Buddha Statue planted at Manicka madu

The Buddhist monks have refused to refused to remove the Buddha statue they had erected on Mayakkali malai, near Manickamadhu.

The statue was placed by some Buddhist monks who came suddenly on Saturday 29th, on Mayakalli Malai near the Tamil Village of Manickamadu.

The placing of the statue in a place where no Sinhalese people are living have caused  dissatisfaction and grief in the minds of the Tamil people of the area.

This was informed to Minister Raub Hakeem and he had made spot visit and had a discussion with the people of the area.

Following this a meeting was held yesterday at the Amparai District Secretariat to solve this problem. The administrators of the Muslim Mosques, Hindu Temples , area people and the monks connected with the incidents were invited for this meeting.

The Tamil and Muslim factions who participated in the meeting had pointed out and expressed fears that it is most inappropriate to install a Buddha statue in place where no Sinhalese are living and this will cause unwanted consequences in the future.

The monks rejected every thing and said that there are 17 archaeological locations in Irrakkamam and they have the need to preserve them and had outrightly refused to remove the statue.

With a view to solving this problem in an amicable way, the District Secretary had appoint a committee of 15 persons including Tamil, Muslim people, the monks and Civil Officers.