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Budget fails to address apprehension of locals in NE: Suresh

EPRLF Leader and Former Tamil National Alliance Leader Suresh Premachandran has stated that the Budget 2016 does not address the concerns of the locals in the North and East, while the government has created a climate to welcome foreign investors.

He said:

“If the government intends on increasing foreign investment, they should ensure political stability,” he said. “We are at a juncture where the government is constantly swayed by opinions of extremists groups trying to create a rift, so as long as this prevails, foreign investors will be reluctant to invest.

Budget proposals make no mention of programs to uplift livelihoods of widows in the North and East. There are 45 000 widows with children who are breadwinners of families and unemployed. Another 10 000 rehabilitated LTTE cadres are there who need to be integrated into society. The Budget does not mention anything about either of the two groups.

The unemployment rate in the North and East is at an all-time high and the government does not seem interested to solve the matter.’