Tamil Diplomat

Budget of new Govt is election oriented: Dinesh

UPFA Parliamentarian Dinesh Gunawardena charged that the interim budget is election oriented. He was speaking in Parliament on the debate on the budget. He stated:

‘Most of the proposals in the Interim Budget will be implemented only in June. Before that, there will be a general election in April. Therefore, this is a budget aimed at the general election. Agriculture has not been given due place in this interim budget. Agriculture is important as a livelihood of the people and also as a sector that makes our economy independent. Promoting wheat flour consumption in the country is seen as dangerous.

We appreciate the move by the government to provide relief to the people by reducing prices of certain essential items. It is necessary for the masses. However these budgetary proposals could lead to a foreign exchange crisis. The budget has not proposed new employment avenues to the people and this can lead to youth unrest in the country.