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Bumper harvest of Chillies in peninsula this year: says Director of Agriculture

Chillies cultivation was undertaken in Jaffna District in 303 Hectares. Cultivation was done largely with MI Green and MI2 varieties. The chillies plants have not been affected by disease and given a good harvest, said the Director of Jaffna District Agricultural Department, A.Selvarasa.

The farmers of the Jaffna district had eagerly engaged in subsidiary food crops cultivation. The subsidies and incentives granted to cultivations is the reason behind the extra interest.

Prices received by the farmers have not dropped much and the green chillies produced have been largely taken away by vendors from other districts and sold there. Dried chillies are fetching prices not less than Rs.300/= per kilo.

While the MI Green and MI 2 varies are not affected much by diseases, give good harvest and are easy to harvest, thereby reducing the labour cost for harvest. Consumers also are attracted towards them by their attractive appearance.

Chillies cultivation has been under taken in 303 Hectares this year and this acreage will increase in the future he said.