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Burial ground of Pre-Vijayan era found in Dambulla, Labankottuwa – presumed 2,600 years old

Senior Lecturer of Post Graduate studies Institute in Archaeological Studies, Rangith Bandara, had said that burial grounds of people who had lived in Pre-Vijayan era had been found in Labankottuwa in Dambulla area.

Although Iyakkar and Nagas had lived here, so far no evidence had been found to establish that. In this conjuncture this find has an importance, he said.

Bodies are placed in clay boxes and buried here. Analysis of these will some clues about the people and the their culture he said.

He said clay pots and small vessels were among the findings that contained in the articles used by the dead. He said the finds from the graves, that were about 2600 years old, would lay bare the historical facts relating to the period prior to the advent of Wijeya.

He said he found evidence of funeral rites performed at the burial of the remains. He said excavation project was launched about a month ago according to a concept the Director General of the Central Cultural Fund and that the cemetery would be conserved and opened for public display. “We have not yet established the story of Wijeya with historical evidence.

The excavations were carried out under the supervision of the Office In Charge of the Dambulla Central Cultural Fund Ajith Jayasundera .