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Bury, at least our bodies in our lands say, people of Paravipanchchan, going into fast unto death

Members of the families who owned lands in Paravipanchchan, which is currently occupied by the army were on continuous protest for the last seven days demanding to release their lands which are under Army control for the last seven years.

From yesterday Thanika, who was staying with relatives in Vavuniya, because her land in Paravipanchchan was not released and Mallikathevi from Kilinochchi had switched on to ” Fast Unto Death” . Although several promises were made to them none of them were fulfilled.

The Fasting people had said, untill such time, either Minister Swamynathan or the Defence Secretary come in person and release our lands we will not give up our fast. We request them that if something worse happen to us, to at least bury our bodies in our lands. Good Governance Government turn your vision on us too, they had said.