Tamil Diplomat

Canada business group meets Northern Governor

The Canadian representatives of Canadian Sri Lanka Chamber met with the Northern Governor Reginold Cooray and had discussions with him and also with several other factions in the peninsula.

A 40 – member team made a visit to Jaffna, to study about commercial investments in the Peninsula.

The main purpose of the visit was to make investment in the peninsula and expedite the development. This group of investors met the Governor Reginold Cooray and held discussions with him. The postwar situations and the interest of foreigners on investments in the peninsula after the war were discussed in the meeting, it is reported.

It is understood that the solutions for these were proposed by the Governor and that he had also told that the number of investors in vesting in the north is increasing.

The said group had said to the Governor that the purpose of their visit is to increase such investments and that massive investments will be made in the North and attention will be paid on development and employment opportunities. It is notable that this group had met several political factions and investors here.