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Canadian Tamil Congress congratulates TNA, Sampanthan on victory

Canadian Tamil Congress has extended its congratulations to Tamil National Alliance and its leader Sampanthan on the victory at the recent polls.

The statement of the Canadian Tamil Congress said:

‘The Tamil people have given the TNA, and its leader Mr. R. Sampanthan, a strong mandate to negotiate a political solution.

The Tamil people have also sent a clear message to the new Sri Lankan government and to the international community that they are firmly behind the TNA and its leadership. It is clear that the Tamil people are anxious to see a reasonable political solution to the long standing Tamil national question.

As an organization that has worked with the TNA for several years, CTC calls upon the international community, particularly neighbouring India, to help implement the legitimate demands of the Tamil people through a negotiated political solution. The ‎citizens of Sri Lanka have once again voted for positive change in Sri Lanka—change that began with the January 8th 2015 presidential election.‎CTC also congratulates Ranil Wickramasinghe’s United National Party and President Sirisena and hopes they will continue the progressive work of the last eight months.

As always, CTC recognizes and respects the wishes of the Tamil people, and stands ready to assist the TNA and its leader Mr. R Sampanthan in the quest to achieve real equality, justice, peace and respect for Tamil people.’