Monday 27 May 2019
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Cancel extension given GOSL-UNHRC demanded by TNPF in its Signature Campaign

Cancel extension given GOSL-UNHRC  demanded by TNPF in its Signature Campaign

The TNPF has announced that it will undertake a Signature Campaign demanding the UNHRC to cancel extension granted to GOSL and transfer the Problem of the Tamils to Security Council of the UN. TNPF has requested all Tamils to support their campaign.

This was announced by Party Leader Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam, in a Media conference held at the Party Office yesterday.

In a context where one year of the two years extension granted to GOSL has been completed no action has been even commenced regarding Accountability. The TNPF has insisted that the extensions be cancelled and the Sri Lanka affair be transferred to Security Council. Further it has planned to take this demand into people in the form of a Signature Campaign.

UNHRC sessions are to commence in March. The UNHRC is to submit a Report on Sri Lanka in these sessions. 2 years Extension was granted to Sri Lanka in a context of all Sri Lankan factions including Its President, Prime Minister and the Foreign minister categorically stated that they are not going to fulfill anything in the Resolution No: 30.1. From the very start, we have insisted that no extension be granted to GOSL.

The people whose relatives have gone missing and people whose lands had not been released are struggling on the Road for more than one year. That is why we are making this insistence. The signatures of the people will be submitted to UN he said,

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