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You can’t get a better option to celebrate Superstar’s birthday

Re-releasing the digitally remastered versions of yesteryear classics is slowly catching up as a trend in Kollywood. Now It has been confirmed that the most memorable blockbuster of Superstar Rajinikanth will be re-released on the 66th birthday of the star falling on December 12,2016.Rajinikanth fans will get a chance to watch the Thalaivar’s 1995 blockbuster ‘Baasha’ on silver screen in a digitally re-mastered version from December 12, 2016. The makers are planning to release the film on the 66th birthday of the evergreen Superstar.

It has been 20 years since the release of ‘Baasha’ and the admiration on the film hasn’t dipped a bit. It has in fact increased and those who are born after 1990’s are eager to watch the film in theatres amid festivities typical of a Rajini film release.We can expect ‘Baasha’ to create a new big record in its re-release after two decades.

The film has been directed by Suresh Krishna with Nagma as the female lead and Deva doing the musical score The film was produced by RM Veerappan for Sathya Movies banner