Monday 16 July 2018
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Cement factory of Navy established in Kilinochchi

Cement factory of Navy established in Kilinochchi

NPC opposition member,  V.Thavanathan denied an allegation by Minister Ananthy Sasitharan, that a cement factory is being established with the aid of the Navy at the village of Ponnarvelly in Kilinochchi District. During the 101st sitting of the NPC was held yesterday and T.Raviharan tabled a motion regarding the plundering of natural resources of Mulaitheevu.

Speaking on the resolution he said at one instant, “ Trees were planted by the LTTE not destroyed. Hills were not broken up, but the minerals were preserved by them.Not only deforesting is undertaken but also burning of forests also are occurring.

Come with me I will show you the trees felled for gravel excavations….granite excavations running towards the Hades….the deep areas  in extent of several acres being rendered to resemble water-less ponds and rivers. Permit for these are granted to Southerners. They have destroyed 80% of the resources . we must at least safeguard the balance”, he said.

Speaking on the same motion, Minister Ananthy pointed out that the villagers had complained that , A cement factory is being established in Ponnarvelly with the cooperation of the Navy.

Thavanathan denied that Navy have any connection with the Cement Factory and that the Coordination committee had granted permission for the Cement factory.

Member P.Ariyaratnam who followed him said that Tokyo Cement Company was making some preliminary surveys as to whether the stones found in Kilinochchi could be used for the production of cement. On after the results of the survey are submitted to the DDC the permission will be granted.

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