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Chain Fasting in protest of injustice meted out to Tamil Nation in Nallur

A chain fasting protest is to be commenced today, Friday, morning, demanding justice from the UN, for the injustices meted to Tamil people. This fast has been organized by the relatives of missing persons and Members of Provincial council and Pradeshiya Sabas.

This fasting protest is to commence at 8.00 a.m. and several public organization including the University community had pledged support for this fast. This fast is being undertaken to condemn the deferral of the UN report on the Genocide and war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan regime and demanding it should be published at least in September as promised.

The release of people abducted and gone missing during war period, release of information on people made to disappear, re-settlement , decreasing Military presence, are also to be insisted during this protest.

The Chief Minister, Justice  C.V.Wickneswaran is scheduled to conclude this protest on the final day.

A special feature of this protest that, an on- the- foot  procession, organized by the Tamil National Youths, which commenced at Mullivaikkal, the site of the Final Geneocide, at 3.00 p.m. on Tuesday, is to join the fasting- protesters on the 2nd day.

NPC member, Ananthy Sasitharan has requested all Tamil people to support this Protest.