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Any changes in the constitution should be made as per the expectations of the Tamil People – CM to US delegation

The Colombo Government should be made aware of the Mental pains, Historical background and the Expectations of the Tamil people the NPC CM, C.V.Wigneswaran has said to the visiting American Delegation, led by Deputy Ambassador.

The American Delegation led by the Deputy Ambassador, for Sri Lanka, Robert Hilton, which visited Jaffna yesterday, met the Chief Minister of Northern Province yesterday  and had a discussion with him.This discussion lasted around an hour.

Commenting on the matters spoken in the discussion the CM said,

The American delegation came on the visit with a view to finding out the current situation in the North. I updated them on the problems confronting Tamil People.  If the centre will consult the representatives of the Northern people and take decisions, the administration could be conducted well. But when they take decisions in Colombo and ask us to accept them problems will appear. If they say that we should accept what they do without finding out the opinion of Tamil people, that will not be conducive for reconciliation, i told them.

I insisted that when projects are planned the Northern representatives should be consulted and they accepted it.

They also discussed about power devolution.

I pointed out that the Northern and Eastern province existed for 2,000 years with unique language and cultures. The English merged all kingdoms as a unitary country in 1833, for Administrative reforms. When the country gained independence in 1948, they left it as unitary country without recognizing our uniqueness, he said.