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Changes in underground water due to excessive Fertilizer usage : Agricultural Instructors

The Nitrate-ion  concentration in wells in areas where Concentrated Agriculture is undertaken. Soil testing centres should be set up to bring this under control. Further, recommendations should be disseminated to the farmers on effective fertilizer utilization, said the Agricultural Instructors of Jaffna District.

Recently, a discussion was held with visiting Agricultural experts from India regarding problems encountered by the farmers of Jaffna and the above matter was pointed out in this discussion.

The farmers are largely using fertilizers such as Urea, TMP and MOP which have elements of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. They do not use fertilizer with elements of Zinc and magnesium. The yield is affected by the deficiency of these elements. The excessive use of urea takes excessive nitrates to the underground water. The level of nitrates in well waters are far in excess of the level recommended by the WHO.

Agricultural experts from the National  Agricultural Organization of Tamil Nadu participated in this discussion.