Friday 28 February 2020
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Chenchcholai Massacre which shook Eelam

Chenchcholai Massacre which shook Eelam

14th August 2006 is a day stained by the blood, shed by 61 tender children of Tamil Eelam, massacred mercilessly by the Armed forces of Sri Lanka, and this has come to stay as the cruelest massacre in the history of Tamil Eelam.

The Chenchcholai Children’s Home complex which was then located in Vallipunam came under the Aerial attack of Sri Lanka Air force on that day at around 7 a.m.

Four Kabir Attack Aircrafts, made a vicious aerial bombardment in which 61 female students lay dead and 155 injured. Bodies and body parts of the students lay spread all over the complex. 25 were declared in a dangerous condition by the Hospital Circles. Several of the injured were found to have lost either both their arm or the legs.

The Srilanka Armed Forces had not only killed the children but also they attempted to hide the truth to the outer world by saying they are LTTE cadres.

Government declared that Chenchcholai Complex is an LTTE Camp  for its Child Soldiers and that only child soldiers of the LTTE were killed, and went on to say that they will kill any one operating against the Government, without age or sex  discrimination.

However, Ceasefire monitoring group and the UNICEF who visited the spot immediately, revealed that the killed and injured were innocent School students.

The great contribution of people of the area, militants,  and the doctors in the recovery attempt  immediately after the massacre, were beyond description and were never brought to light fully.


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