Saturday 23 June 2018
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Children of “Chencholai” meet the Chief Minister

Children of “Chencholai” meet the Chief Minister

The children from Chencholai had intimated to the Chief minister of the NPC, that, the Children of Chencholai have completed their education and are without employment opportunity. Hence the NPC should pay some concern on them.

Children of Chencholai met and conversed with the CM and the members of the NPC yesterday at the NPC.

The above request was placed before the CM, during this meeting. The children were given a chance to watch the house proceeding and during the interval they met the CM and Minister Ananthy Sasitharan in th Lobby.

During this meeting they also said to the CM that Chencholai has several needs including, furniture, water purifying machine, Library etc.

The CM in reply had asked them to send a detailed letter about these needs to him and appropriate action will be taken to fulfill them.

While pointing out there are several complexities in finding employment for the children they also requested the Diaspora Tamils to pay attention on their problems.

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