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China protests over ‘deadly Myanmar border raid’

hina has sent fighter jets to its border with Myanmar and lodged a diplomatic protest after a Myanmar warplane reportedly dropped a bomb on its territory, killing four civilians.The bomb exploded in a sugar cane field near Lincang in Yunnan province along the frontier with Myanmar, reports say.

Myanmar has been fighting rebels in the Kokang region, bordering China.China recently warned Myanmar (also known as Burma) that the escalating conflict in the Kokang region could destabilise the border area.Some 30,000 refugees have fled the conflict for China. Myanmar is fighting ethnic Han Chinese rebels in the remote region, in its north-western state of Shan.

China sent fighter jets to patrol the Myanmar border after the bomb was dropped on its territory, officials in Beijing said.China’s deputy foreign minister, Liu Zhenmin, also summoned Myanmar’s ambassador to Beijing, Thit Linn Ohn, to complain about the bombingFour people working in the field were killed in the raid and another nine were hurt, China’s official Xinhua news agency said.