CID complains against Judge inquiring into Manthai Mass Grave

The CID has complained to the Judicial Services Commission that, the former Judge and the present judge inquiring the Manthai Mass Grave case are acting partially.

The case regarding Manthai Mass Grave case was taken up before the Mannar court yesterday. As no instructions has been received from the Judicial Service Commission, the case was postponed to 10th October.

Accusations of the former and the current Judge acting partial to the relatives of the missing persons  and treating harshly the CID officers and State attorneys has been included in the complaint, said the Attorney appearing for the relatives of the missing persons, V.S.Niranjan.

The Judicial Service Commission has called for the replies of the judge to these complaints and the judge has sent the reply in due time.

It has been also requested to change the court inquiring into Manthai Mass Grave case. This is viewed as  a request for changing the judge of the case, Niranjan also said.

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