Tamil Diplomat

The CM issues a condolence message on the death of two students by Police shooting

The Northern Province Chief Minister has said in a condolence message on the death of the two students, that, the unfair and untimely death of the two undergraduates has created deep sorrow in the hearts of everyone.

In this message issued from London, he has said that we should find out as to why these youngsters were shot dead. If the Police say that the student did not obey their order, it seems that the police has breached the ‘use of minimum force’ rule. As the minister for Law and Order I could offer my opinion only after studying the report of the Judge. However it has become our duty to prevent the re-occurrence of such incident.

I express my deepest sympathies to the kith and kin of the killed students. Further I hereby request all including our girls and boys to keep patience. We should think about the repercussions of giving way to our raw feelings and engage in activities, he had said further.