Tuesday 25 June 2019
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CM meets strugglers in Mulaitheevu and converse with them

CM meets strugglers in Mulaitheevu and converse with them

In a context where the  struggle of the Mulaitheevu Fishermen  continuing for the 6th day yesterday NP Chief Minister, C.V.Wigneswaran met them yesterday and conversed with them.

Mulaitheevu Fishermen have undertaken a struggle, demanding that illegal fishing be stopped immediately and the transgressions of fishermen from other districts should be prevented.

Their struggle is staged in front of the Department of Fisheries and Aqua Resources, Mulaitheevu.

In this context the CM met the struggling fishermen and had discussions with them.

Commenting on his meeting with the Fishermen the CM said that, he met the fishermen societies to make himself aware as to what action should be taken with regard to illegal fishing. They told me that they are undergoing several problems by the Fishermen from other Districts.

In this context we had to speak with the Central Government as to how could the fishermen from the other districts could prevented.

Although, some say that these southern fishermen come here traditionally, there number now had increased out of all proportions. Mulaitheevu fishermen say that these fishermen are destroying the marine resources.

As the NP Department of Fisheries office had not been established here they are undergoing several problems they said. Action is being taken to establish one here, the CM said.

He also said that he will discuss these matters with the Central Minister of Fisheries before his visit to Mulaitheevu  on the 12th .



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