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CM promises to Mullaitheevu fisher to appoint special Committee to report on Army hindrances

The Army and the Navy are posing several hindrances and distresses to Mullaitheevu Fishermen. They also create hindrance to the efforts of those state officials who are bravely acting to solve the problems of fishermen of Mullaitheevu. They pose threats to them. A special committee to study these problems and to prepare a report will be appointed. The report will be submitted to the Colombo Government and appropriate actions will be taken, promised the CM, C.V.Wigneswaran.

The cM gave this promise in a special meeting held yesterday in the District Secretariat, Mullaitheevu to study about the problems of the fishermen of the district. In this meeting representatives of the fishermen placed before the CM the crises and hindrances they are confronted with. They also said most of the officials are afraid execute their legitimate duty. Those officers who brave to execute their duties are either threatened or assaulted with the connivance of the Army. They requested that suitable action be taken to see that the law is implemented equally to all factions.

The CM, expressing his opinion to them said, under the 13th amendment authority is given to us only on inland fisheries. Authority over sea fisheries still lies with the Centre. However, some kilometers of sea from the shore is placed under us. As our people, all people engaged in the province come under our purview. But it will be appropriate if we will solve these problems speaking to the Centre.

Army and Navy are causing lot of hindrances and distresses to the district people traditionally engaged in Fishing. These should be stopped.The Army and the Navy have no righteous rights to keep people’s lands. They bring people from the south and help them to plunder the resources that should be reaped by us. Under the guise of the security they are put their hands on the very livelihood of our people.

I shall appoint a committee under a retired District Secretary prepare areport on these problems and submit it to the centre and try to solve these problems, he said.