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CM tells Swiss Minister of Justice, “Solution offered to Tamils will be suspicious, While the ethnic discrimination continuing”

The Northern CM, Justice C.V.Wigneswaran told the Minister of Justice of Switzerland, Simonata Somaruka that, while ethnic discrimination is continuing, any solution offered to Tamil people will be suspicious.

The Swizz Minister, who is on a visit to Sri Lanka came to Jaffna yesterday and met CM, Wigneswaran at his Office yesterday at around 10’O clock.

Commenting on the visit to the media, the CM said that, he clarified the following to the visiting Minister:

  • Opinions are expressed in the South that TPC  is acting like the opposition. It is not that. It is a civil
    organization to tell the Government about the aspirations of the Tamil people.
  • PTA should be repealed soon. That kind of activities will create Good Governance. Although we were treated as equals by the English up to 1948, subsequent majority governments continued to practice ethnic discrimination.
  • Ethnic discrimination started when the “Sinhala Only” Act was passed in 1956. The Standardization in 1972 prevented lot of Tamil students from entering Universities. These kinds of discriminations are still continuing.
  • In this context, It is a big question mark, whether any solution that could be offered will be beneficial to the Tamil People?