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Colombo extremist! Come and see the North! Maithri calls from Jaffna

President Maithripala Sirisena invited the extremists to come and see North directly. Then only you will be aware of the problems of the people of the North, he said.

He was participating in the State Christmas Celebrations held at the Municipality Grounds in Jaffna.

The people of the country and the intellectuals had ratified our endeavours in creating peace and reconciliation in the country. There are some people who do not understand this. I should say that they are extremists. They stay in a room in Colombo and their only work is to conduct media conference with a few media men and accuse other people. I will not think that they know the problems of the people.

Some of these extremists say that violence had increased after we came to power; we are going to re-create war in the country; and we are going to revive the LTTE.

Those who say that the National Security is affected should try to find out why the war was created in the first place. War has ended but the peace is not created in the in the country. I call upon these people to come and see the realities in the North;  Come and see the problems of the people living a displaced life for 25 years. I am prepared to provide whatever transport they like to visit the North.

The people who are shouting about National Security are in a hurry to form a new Government, but the people will not allow them to do so, he said.