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If Colombo tries to hoodwink us, a struggle to paralyze the Government will be undertaken : bows Mawai

If the Maithri – Ranil regime attempts  to hoodwink the UN and the Tamil People, the Tamil people should back the TNA to undertake a struggle to paralyze the government, in Colombo, the TNA MP and Leader of the ITAK, Mawai Senathyrajah has asked.

In a context where, the Sri Lanka Government is backtracking on implementing the resolution passed in UN in 2015 and the two major parties in the government continuing insist that the priority to Buddhism and the unitary state system cannot be compromised, the rally call of Mawai has been sounded.

Speaking in an event held at the cultural Hall of Alaiyadivembu Divisional Secretariat,  in Amparai, he further said that he is confident that if the TNA commence such a campaign, the Tamil people will support TNA.

If the people of Sri Lanka are to live in peace and understanding, a solution in the line of Co-ruling (Federal) System should be found.If unitary state system is continued, this country will split and the split among the races will further increase.

The Lands of the Tamils which have been devastated by war could be built up again only if a co-ruling system exists.No body can forget that the it is the Tamils who created a regime change in 2015. The TNA is acting appropriately to win the rights of the Tamil people, but we cannot the past incidents, he said.