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Colonization in Tamil Areas in Kandy Thelwathai Tension prevailing

There are several Sinhala settlements are being made in recent times in hill country Tamil areas. Recently a foundation stone had been laid for this allocating lands owned by Tamils to Sinhalese. Tension is prevailing in this area.

Member of the Central PC, Azath Sally when contacted over this said that, Activities have been started to allocate lands of Tamil people to Sinhala people had been started. First it was said the 25 families will be settled here. But now arrangements are being done to settle 45 families. Out of them 40 are Sinhala families. They all ready posses lands and houses.

When I contacted Sagith Premadasa and informed him the matter and said reconciliation will be affected and he said that he will take suitable action, he further said.

Meanwhile a politician and the GA of the area had laid a foundation stone for the settlement amidst opposition of the Tamil people and this had caused tension in the area.