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Come forward to reveal good virtues in the holy week of November: University Teachers’ Association

The University Teachers’ Association of University of Jaffna had put out a statement calling that all should reveal good virtues for us and our future generations, during the holy week of the month of November, in which we remember our kins who had lost their lives in the war.

In Political, Social and cultural dimension, the month of November is a unique month. Fasting days, festivals and traditional days, which give importance to identities of Eelam Tamils, are found to be in abundance in this month. Concurrent to them, the tradition of carrying on the memories of the war that continued for 30 years and of our kins who got killed during the war, prevailed among us. But in the past years due to the approaches of the ruling governments , we were forced to carry on this tradition among bans, covertly and unknown to others.

We should not forget that it is our right to remember our dead. Globally a tradition exists erecting memorials to and remembering war dead.

the good Governance should have the democratic traditions of making public the feeling and thoughts of participation in the minds of Tamil people.

Let us observe this week as a week  to reveal good virtues. Particularly :

*Let us clean our roads and lead our children to a healthy life during the Holy week.

*  Let us abstain from liquor whole week and make environment all around hygienic.

* Let us perform our duties in National dress.

* Let us avoid recreations and cinema and pray for the peace of individuals and the Society

* Let us declare these days as day of cleaning places like Home for the aged, Universities, State administration establishments, public places, Hospitals, Temples, Religious Institutions as examples.

Let us conduct events like Tree planting and blood donation campaigns and pave the way for us to live and our children to live.