Thursday 16 July 2020
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We commemorated our people who were cruelly killed. Colombo Tamils need not be excited: says, CM

We commemorated our people who were cruelly killed. Colombo Tamils need not be excited: says, CM

Our people were not killed accidentally at Muliwaikkal. They were tricked into killing fields and massacred. How can we remain without commemorating them? Remembering people killed in war and worshiping for their resting in peace are units of the Human Rights accepted by International Community. Whenever we put forward our demands, those who get excited immediately are the Colombo Tamils. They are made to think like that by the fear of losing their properties, facilities and the posts. It is compulsory that we commemorate our War Dead, CM, C.V.Wigneswaran has said in his weekly press release.

He further said:

* Our people were expelled  in stages from the South through Riots and new Acts. If demanding our rights will cause crisis we have to keep our mouth in silence. If we do that, the whole Tamil Land will be gobbled by Sinhala Buddhism.

* Our youths took up arms after the Tamils were made into second grade citizens.

* If we are not going to fight until we get our rights our very existence will be wiped out in to oblivion.

* Through planned Sinhala Colonization and expelling of Tamil people from lands by the forest Department, we are being made into minority race in our own homeland.

* As a German said some time back, “They took away trade unionist, I kept silent

                                                          They took farmers and priests, I kept silent

                                                            When they took me, no one was there to raise protest.”

If you won’t shout loud to get your rights, no one will come to your assistance.

* JR’s Open Economy made several Tamils to return and invest here. But the 1983 riots made those who were prospering from even pre- JR period to lose everything they had into paupers. If you cannot raise your voice against Genocide against Tamils, at least pray for the peace of the souls of the massacred.

If you cannot come forward, to solve our problems, at least refrain from, criticizing us. Are you trying to support genocide?, he has asked.

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