Sunday 20 January 2019
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Commemoration of ‘ Mamanithar’ Sivanesan held yesterday

Commemoration of ‘ Mamanithar’  Sivanesan held yesterday

The 10 annual commemoration of Mamanithar Sivanesan was held at his memorial in Mallavy. Sivanesan lost his life in a claymore attack by the LRRP of the Sri Lankan Army on the Sivan Rathri day which fell on 6th March 2008.

Members of Sivanesan’s family,TNPF secretary S.Kajenthiran, Thunukkai coordinator for TNPF Balasupra manium, TULF Member Puniyanathan and several other people participated in this event.

“Mamanithar Sivanesan was engaged in Political activities to strengthen the negotiation undertaken by Tigers who were engaged in liberation struggle. He was actively engaged in the struggle for the rights of the Tamil people.On the other hand he raised his voice against social oppression.

He labored for a long time to induct changes in the life of his people. He was working with us for 4 years with love and kindness. Our society lost such a person  on that day. His death has deprived him not only his family but also the total Tamil community fighting for its rights.” Said Kajendran in his memorial address.

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